What logistical advantages does BNSF have with thi

What logistical advantages does BNSF have with this type of freight yard?

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Freight Yard Logistics Assignment: For this case study find and read the article below in ProQuest that looks at BNSF`s freight yard outside Chicago and then answer the following question. What logistical advantages does BNSF have with this type of freight yard? Assignment Expectations: You should include at least three advantages. Also consider discussion several disadvantages. Provide adequate backing and good logic. The paper should be 3-4 pages. Use the same format as your module one paper, again with at least 3 different sources of information. Blaszak, M. W., (2003). The 21st century freight yard: BNSF`s Logistics Park near Chicago. Trains, Milwaukee, 63(1), 18-20. Click here for ProQuest article. Abstract: Burlington Northern Santa Fe`s new intermodal terminal, Logistics Park-Chicago, combines intermodal, vehicle and carload services with transloading and warehousing. The facility is 1.5 miles long and a mile wide, encompassing 380 acres.
LOGISTICAL ADVANTAGES OF BNSF FREIGHT YARD Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (13th April, 2011) Logistical advantages of BNSF freight yard There are various advantages that BNSF freight yard has on the logistic arena. Some of the advantages are as follows. Shipper growth and services development As the yard is located near the BNSF, premier rail routes between Chicago and southern California and between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest, it offers a good room for expansion. The company also is a leading rail industry leading in intermodal carrier with a load capacity of over 35 million. This makes it advantageous to the yard as it can be used in the logistic issues. The freight yard helps the customer to take advantage of the synergies that are associated with the widening of the projected that have been proposed of 1-55 and the expansion of the distribution center and the growth of the warehouse in the Southwest Chicago metropolitan area. Offers Chicago multimodal facility From the BNSF developments that are intermodal facilities, an automotive facilities and room for multi user carload and transload facility, the freight yard offers a switching yard, which helps the company to build the train faster. This is through easily combining intermodal and automotive trains to other markets in the western countries. The BNSF has started expansion of their right yard where the first phase which include 124 acres of intermodal facility and 151 acres automotive facility and 10...
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