what is your reaction to the poems

what is your reaction to the poems

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Reactions to Poems by and about S. Plath


Write at least paragraphs answering the following: Sylvia Plath was a tremendously accomplished poet in her short life. She attempted suicide and was hospitalized when she was a university student. As an adult, she married the poet Ted Hughes and moved to London with him, where they had two children. Shortly after their second child was born, Plath discovered that Hughes was having an affair. They separated, she sank into depression, and gassed herself to death, being careful to ensure that her children would survive. Knowing what you know now, what is your reaction to the poems "Daddy" and "Sylvia`s Death"?

PoetryName:Institution:In the poem Daddy, Sylvia Plath brings out the father as one of the most evil persons in her life. She tries to bring out the fact that she was wroth with her own father by using many different metaphors to refer to her father. At one point she says that living with her father was like living inside a black shoe and even likens him to the Nazi, the swastika and a vampire. In the poem, she comes out as the victim. Her husband is also brought out as the perfect image of her evil father. According to Sylvia Plath she has managed to kill both the father and image of him that is her husband. Basically the poem is retaliato...
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