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As discussed above both ways were adopted to get the data i.e. qualitative and quantitative. But while the analysis of data we focused mainly on the qualitative approach of analysis and the reason for not firmly opting the quantitative approach was lack of data in mathematical numbers. That data collected by our team was not being able to analyse in the mathematical form. For analysing the data, there was use of different analytical tools like Watson and Excel/spreadsheet.

There are different sources to collect the data like primary, secondary and tertiary but, in order to gather information regarding the topic, data has been collected through using primacy data collection techniques. As the matter is directly related to the staffs and management of an organization, data has been collected from staffs and managers of the organization. Simple random sampling technique has been selected for the research.

At first, the samples had been selected for the research. Employees were approached to answer multiple choice based questions based on the issues faced while using manual attendance system and importance of implementing location based attendance system. 90 employees are proposed to participate in the survey questionnaire method; out of which 78 staff were agreed to participate in the survey.

 Interviews- due to the limited period of time in completing the project and lack of interest show by the participants from different organisations. It was very difficult for our team to conduct the interviews from the desired and target population. Hence, we choose to conduct the interview from the general users for whom this project was constructed. For conducting survey we didn’t set any structure or criteria. We conducted the semi structure interview so that research not be limited to the pre-set questionnaire. We asked the questions on the basis of the answers given by the people and its helps us to get clear ideas about their opinion of redesign location based attendance platform or create an application of the similar platform. Formerly taking the interviews, we made some of the questions and according to that we created the whole background of the research. The questions were but not limited:

  1. What is the most convenient way to lodge the application? ( physical location, online, mobile app)
  2. How to time and attendance systems integrate with payroll systems?
  3. Are time and attendance only good for organizations with hourly employees?
  4. How flexible is your system for configuring overtime rules for different department employees?
  5. Are the applications working in an offline mode?


Surveys- related, like interviews our team prepared the questionnaire and got the answers from different users for limited number of questions. The only difference between surveys and interviews are separate questions and face-face conservations. Our team has prepared the survey questions, waiting for the results and in coming weeks we are going analyse the survey results by using the analytical tools (the survey results will be shown in the future documents).

Secondary data collection method- the source of collecting data from already published/ reviewing existing documents and studies conducted by the authors. Our team has reviewed the related location based attendance system articles and helpful to prepare the questionnaire and to create hypothesis/ to compare results collected from the primary source with the existing articles. Peer-Review-   our team has reviewed documents are written by the other team members and given feedback. It helps more to understand the knowledge of other researchers work.

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