What is meant by `bloody Taylorism`?

What is meant by `bloody Taylorism`?

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Individual Assignment



Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer has become known as the epitome of ‘bloody Taylorism’. Using relevant theories, critically discuss the issues raised by the notion of ‘bloody Taylorism’ in relation to firm’s management practices and working conditions at its factories in mainland China. Explain what you consider to be benefits and drawbacks of the concept of ‘bloody Taylorism’  in understanding Foxconn`s system of management.    


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Questions you ask about the final essay


Dear all,

the teaching team has received a number of similar questions about the final essay. Here are the most common questions and our answers to those.

1. Question about ‘bloody Taylorism’. What is meant by `bloody Taylorism`?

Answer: ‘Bloody’ is an adjective here. Taylorism is a concept. Please note that there is also a different name to refer to Taylorism.


2. Question about the essay and how to go about it. 

Answer: The essay question is about advantages and drawbacks of applying the concept of Taylorism to understand Foxconn’s management practices in the PRC. So, Taylorism is the theory that we are asking you to apply to your case study i.e. Foxconn. To say this differently, the essay is about to what extent is Taylorism useful to see and make sense of Foxconn’s management practices in the PRC and what other concepts one could use to understand Foxconn’s management practices more fully (ie. drawbacks and how to overcome the drawbacks of Taylorism as a concept). You will really need to be very precise in your essay and make sure you are familiar with Taylorism and any other concepts you wish to use.

The essay is not about you giving suggestions to solve issues at Foxconn - the essay is about discussing the adequacy of the concept of Taylorism to understand management practices of the firm.  


The topic of last year`s essay was:` During the last decade, Foxconn Technology Group has come under the journalistic spotlights due to unrests and strikes at several of its plants in mainland China. Using relevant theories, analyse the organisational culture at Foxconn. Discuss whether there is a link between the firm’s organisational culture and workers’ unrest, or whether the unrest is unrelated to the firm’s organisational culture and simply is part of a broader historical/social trend in today’s China. When discussing the workers, please pay attention to the composition of the workforce and whether and how it has changed over time (origin, age, gender etc).`

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