What is Burger King`s core competency?

What is Burger King`s core competency?

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Burger King Beefs Up Global Operations


Read the case study "Burger King Beefs Up Global Operations" at the end of Chapter 12 of your course textbook. Incorporate into your analysis responses to the following questions. You should make sure to incorporate core concepts from your reading assignment. 1. What is Burger King`s core competency? How does it relate to its chosen strategy? 2. How would you explain how Burger King has decided to configure and coordinate its value chain? Which of Burger King`s value chain activities create the most value for the company? 3. Burger King globally expanded later than its main fast food competitor. What advantages and disadvantages has this created? 4. When entering another country, discuss the advantages and disadvantages that an international restaurant company, specifically Burger King, would have in comparison with a local company in that market. 5. About two-thirds of Burger King`s restaurants and revenues are in its Americas region (United States and Canada) and one-third elsewhere. Should this relationship change? If so, why and how? 6. The case mentions that Burger King prefers to enter countries with large numbers of youth and shopping centers. Why do you think these conditions would be advantageous? 7. How has Burger King`s headquarters location influenced its international expansion? Has this location strengthened or weakened its global competitive position? 8. As CEO of Burger King, what tools and strategies would you use when deciding on possible future locations for the company. 9. What do the implications of the challenges identified in the case have for Burger King`s strategy today and in the future? Needs to be 750 – 1000 words (3 pages) APA Format At least 3 references Case Study attached (PDF)

Business and Marketing Student:Professor:Course title:Date:Introduction The core competency of a business is the primary reason for existence. Often, businesses have a number of activities that they engage in. There is, however, the core business activity which is considered to be its competency. The core competency of Burger King is a fast food business and in particular, the hamburger business hence Burger King. It is among the biggest fast foods chains that specialized division of hamburgers. In line with its core competency, the business has developed a strategy that is in tandem. It is this strategy that has helped the business create a niche for itself in the fast food industry. One of these strategies is the method of cooking burgers adopted by Burger King. This method of frame broil instead of using a grill to fry as is done by other fast foods has given Burger King an edge. The other strategy is giving customers a choice through their “Have it as you want’ strategy. This means that they can customize the orders of customers to fit their needs.Value Chain Activities When Burger King was established, the main business activity was making burgers. Over the years, the company has diversified her activities to include other food times in the menu. They offer breakfast and salads, soft drinks and other food items normally sold by fast food chains. However, the burger remains the main business activity that adds value to the business.Expansion Although Burger King has managed to expand her activities into various parts of the globe, it did so way later after her competitor McDonald’s. Th...
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