What do the cases of isolated children suggest abo

What do the cases of isolated children suggest about socialisation and human development?

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Personality And Society: Maynooth co kildare Ireland

Premium writer only! (1)some sociologists have rejected the view that the large population size,high population density and social diversity of citie have social and psychological impact.write a case study of a city in your country whereby you illustrate your experience on the quality of life in the city.(2)What do the cases of isolated children suggest about socialisation and human development? city: Maynooth co kildare ireland
PERSONALITY AND SOCIETY: MAYNOOTH CO KILDARE IRELANDName:                Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(06 June, 2011)   Personality And Society: Maynooth co kildare IrelandMaynooth is located on north Co. Kildare 24 km from Dublin and is connected by mainline railway, Arrow commuter rail service, provincial and Dublin bus services and the town serves range of functions including as a university town, service and retail center for the North Kildare and more so increasingly becoming a residential centre within the greater Dublin area (Cahill &Elkin, 2007). By 1996 the town had a population of 8525 persons with an annual percentage of 7 percent. According to the annual development plan of Maynooth published in the year 2002 it indicates that one of the principal characteristic of the population structure of Maynooth is that its consistently rapid in growth with significant representation by the young as compared to the national average and this is mainly attribute to the fact that the town is a university town as wells the emergence as the commuter town for Dublin. The town experience high rate of immigrations calling for residential services in the town. Social exclusion: the high population densities resulting from large population that is characterized with high social diversities implies that people interaction is very high and that some groups in the society get ignored as everyone is busy trying to satisfy personal needs as opposed as to satisfying the needs of the general society at large. The individualistic lifestyles result to social exclusion which serve to increasing the disparities in terms of materialistic well being e.g. in wealth as well as emotional and psychological well being. For instance the increased cases of street children who grow in multiply deprived conditions resulting to existence of a population devoi...
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