What are some of the problems currently affecting

What are some of the problems currently affecting the caribbean from a political perspective?

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Caribbean Issues from a political perspective

What are some of the problems currently affecting the caribbean from a political perspective? I need it to be between 750-1000 words. Any outside source is fine. One of the reference should be from the book "Understanding the contemporary Caribbean - Rienner Randle, Edited by: Richard S. Hillman & Thomas J. D`Agostino - SECOND EDITION. I NEED THE WRITER TO QUOTE THE SOURCES. For example... "Caribbean problems are still here today." (Randle, 108). I need it to be referenced properly. I had this problem before where the writer did not quote and i lost so many marks. So please follow my instructions. THank you.
Caribbean Issues From a Political PerspectiveName:Course:Professor Name:(May 14, 2013).Caribbean Issues From a Political Perspective Caribbean over decades has been experiencing political challenges, which exist even today, it has been noted that political dictators in the name of executives has been in control of the Latin Governments, the executives are very powerful in the sense that they guide the national destinies (Hillman & D`Agostino, 2009). The dictators are commonly known as the ‘caudillo` in the local dialect. Political issues influence peace maintenance in the society. Boundaries have set cultural identities and social networking between different nations, “Politics of change are guided by regional integration” (Barrow-Giles, 2010). Immigration is one of the greatest political issues being faced by the Caribbean, majority of the people in the region found them-selves in Caribbean due to slavery, an indication that issues of race are live. International boundaries can be effectively be managed by developing the right models dealing with border control bills. Caribbean is facing globalization and socialization as a political issue, characterized with “Revolution, democracy and regional integration in the Eastern Caribbean” (Payne & Sutton, 2003). The current governments are seriously influenced by what is happening across the Caribbean borders. In the twenty first century, there is no one nation that can stand on its own; each and every nation is interdependent on one another in diverse ways. Nations depend on one another in issues of capital flows, manufactured goods and services and on issues of finance among other models (Barrow-Giles, 2010). Global communication has opened up the world in a way that trade and international agreement...
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