What actions take place in this poem?

What actions take place in this poem?

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The Man He Killed


What actions take place in this poem? Why does the Saigonese “cling to the airborne skis”? What do you suppose happens to him?

Describe the poem’s images of sound. How many are there? What is their effect? Do the same for the visual images. What is the effect. Combine the two in your answer.

Contrast the poem’s title with its content.

Put the phrase “artful/Mayhem” into context. What is the relationship of war to rock n roll? The Vietnam War?


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Man He Killed In the poem The Man he killed, the poet uses simple words, rather than big ones, in order to attach simplicity to the hard subject of discussion. His poem is about killing, which is a tragedy in the contemporary world. The poet, however, uses simple words to illustrate the simplicity with which killing is perce

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