Vision paper

Vision paper

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Vision paper
Vision Paper. Papers should be 8 10 pages in length. Use current American Psychological Association (APA) style for citing references and bibliography. At least 2 3 sources beyond your textbook should be used. Your paper should begin with some reflection/comments about why you do what you do? What is the engine that keeps you u late at night or gets you going in the morning? What stands between you and your ultimate dream? Reflect on important moments in your past and identify key personal motivations derived from them. After that, explore your personal education vision in the context of the above reflections and the educational administrative role you plan to pursue within the next five years or so. Submit the paper under the appropriate place under assignments on Canvas.


Text book: that we going to use in this class.

William. Educational Leadership: A Bridge to Improved Practice. 5th Edition. Pearson, 2013, ISBN 13: 978-o-13267812-8 The Principal, Three Keys to Maximizing Impact”, by Michael Fullan “Drive” by Daniel Pink

(My Field of study is: Educational Administration)

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