Undertake a thorough analysis of an organisation/b

Undertake a thorough analysis of an organisation/brand’s marketing environment.

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1.  Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of Assessment Component A students will have demonstrated their ability to:-

  • undertake a thorough analysis of an organisation/brand’s marketing environment.
  • use the market analysis to correctly identify critical success factors (CSFs)
  • produce a document to a professional standard and reference the contents correctly using the UWE Harvard Referencing system.

2.  Assessment Overview

This module has two re-assessment components each worth 50% of the module assessment, this re-assessment brief is for Assessment Component A (CC1) and is for students who did not pass the Group Infographic assessment with their first submission.


Component A is an individual report and blog in which students undertake the first step in a marketing plan and explain how to do a market analysis using examples where appropriate. Students must critically analyse each stage of the market analysis process, explain how the stages of analysis are linked and outline the value of a market analysis to short and long term marketing decision making. The three key stages of the report should be presented as three separate blog entries and as an electronic submission via Blackboard.


The mark for re-assessment work is capped at 40%.  Students who do not achieve an overall pass mark of 40% (calculated across the module’s two assessment points) after re-assessments will be considered to have failed the module.


3. Re-assessment Component A: Report: Individual Report (Blog) (1500 words) –.


  1.  This is an individual activity. Your explanation of a market analysis can be based on the same product/market you selected for your first submission, or, you can select an organisation from one of the other market sectors listed below.


  1. Ice-Cream or Frozen Dessert
  2. Financial Services Provider (choose one of the following; credit union, credit-card company or accountancy company)
  3. UK Tourist Attraction
  4. Sofa Retailer or Manufacturer
  5. Eau de Parfum (Male, Female or Unisex)
  6. Wedding Planning Consultant
  7. Event Planning Consultant
  8. Slimming or Health Food (slimming organisation, slimming products or foodstuffs)
  9. Supermarket
  10. Video/Computer Gaming (games developers or hardware manufacturers i.e. consoles, components or peripherals)
  11. Online Dating
  12. Pubs/Restaurants/Bars


  1.    ii.       You should assume that you work for a consultancy firm. You have been asked to provide some advice and guidance to a group of junior colleagues on how to conduct a market analysis and to explain why this is an important stage of developing a basis for marketing decisions. 


  1.  iii. You have been asked to communicate with the group of junior colleagues via a Blog. You are required to make three entries to a Blog using the template provided on page 8.  The requirements of each entry are listed below;


  1. Provide a summary of how to do a market analysis. This should include identification of key elements of a PESTLE analysis and a TOWS analysis using examples to illustrate key points. (500 words)
  2. Clearly identify how Critical Success Factors (CSFs) can be derived from the market analysis. Explain how you would prioritise the CSF’s. (500 words)
  3. Explain the importance and value of conducting a market analysis for short, medium and long term decision making within your chosen organisation. (500 words)


  1.  iv. In order to demonstrate to your line manager that you have been advising your junior colleagues correctly you also need to generate a report.  This report should consist of a copy of each of your three Blog entries and this document should be submitted as a full record of your advice on conducting a market analysis (total 1500 words).


  1.    v. The word report for your line manager MUST include a working link to your Blog entries.
  1.  vi. Your report to your line manager should include references to academic models and market data on your chosen product/market in order to support and substantiate your arguments. A list of references should be provided at the end of the report generated for your line manager.  The reference list is NOT included in the word count.

You can create a Blog in a number of ways.  It is recommended that you set up a Blog using Wordpress (http://wordpress.com), this is a free blogging system that is quite easy to use.  Whichever option you choose, it is your responsibility to ensure that it complies with all of the requirements of the assessment.

Submission of Re-assessment Component A:

You should submit your individual report electronically via Blackboard.  Please give yourself plenty of time to upload your document and receive your receipt. Should you have any problems, please contact Blackboard Support immediately.


Documents should be uploaded in a .doc or .docx format. See guidance provided by Blackboard Support on online submissionIf we cannot open your file we will not be able to mark it and you will not be given any marks for the assessment.  Be careful about using too many graphs, charts, pictures or images in your submission as these can make the file difficult to open and may lead to problems with formatting.




Your work will be assessed on your ability to:

  1. Show a clear and insightful understanding of the components of a market analysis.
  2. Correctly identify the components of a TOWS analysis on the basis of the macro and micro analyses and from this the identification of CSFs.
  3. Show a clear understanding of the value of a market analysis as the basis for marketing decisions.
  4. Use and reference of up-to-date market information in combination with appropriate theoretical frameworks as a basis of the market analysis process.
  5. Present your work clearly and creatively in the form of three inter-related Blog entries and a word document. 
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