Undecided: Review Frontier War For American Indepe

Undecided: Review Frontier War For American Independence

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Undecided: Review Frontier War For American Independence


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Book Review

The Frontier war for American Independence. By William R. Nester (Mechanicsburg, PA, Stackpole Books, 2004.)

The threat to American family, land, and home was the greatest factor pushing Americans to go to war for independence. A majority of people do not understand the major places where the war was taking place and the factors that pushed people to achieve their objectives about independence (Hist 198). William Nester sheds light on these issues and highlights three major important points about the independence war: the volunteers, the support from France and the failure of the Indians, and the frontier mechanism employed by the Americans to win the struggle (Middleton 2). The book ‘The frontier war for American Independence` highlights the chronology and picks up the major events that most writers do not reveal when they speak of the American independence, making the review of the book essential to different readers. This book review is a complete evaluation of events that accelerated the American success in the wars, evaluation of the author`s methods of telling the story, opinion about the book and a recommendation to other readers.

William introduces the book by a surprise attention of the roles of different nationalities in the American war of independence. One notable group of people is the In

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