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"The Lesson", by Toni Cade Bambara

Hi writer, this is the work that i will uploaded,so you can read and answers those questions.i think i don`t have many instruction to say, because you will find all my professor instruction,and work on the uploaded paper.On the paper there are two homework,the first one is lesson and the second one is wide wake.but please don`t combine both work together.Please separate them.And please please refer to my teacher instruction,to read short story and do the work.Thanks.And feel free for number sources.
Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Lesson," by Toni Cade Bambara The actions in the story that create the plot of the story are those of Miss Moore. Miss Moore has moved into the neighborhood of African Americans, but unlike others, she is the only woman using just one name. On top of that, she has a passion of teaching and this she does through giving the neighborhood children practical and challenging lessons (Bambara 1). The main conflict in the story is Miss Moore`s attitude and the change she represents which is opposed by Sylvia. The conflict is between Sylvia and Miss Moore. The protagonist in the story is Miss Moore. The importance of the toy store is to show how extravagant some people are for basic things ...
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