the key concept of morality, which underpins legal

the key concept of morality, which underpins legal thinking

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TMA 05

The cut-off date for TMA 05 is 12:00 midday (UK local time) on 26 April 2018. This is the latest date by which your TMA must reach your tutor. You must submit your TMA using the online TMA service. TMA 05 is worth 30% of your overall continuous assessment score (OCAS).

TMA 05 consists of three questions. You are expected to answer all questions in this TMA. The word limit for TMA 05 is a maximum of 2000 words. Remember, all the words you use to answer a question, including quotations and citations, count. You should use the mark allocation for each question as a guide to the number of words required as follows:


Maximum mark

Suggested word count










Any words used that exceed the overall word count for the TMA will not be marked or commented on.

You must provide a reference list and a word count at the end of your work. The reference list is not included in the word count.


Question 1

Read the following sources:

Then answer the following:

With reference to the Hart–Devlin debate discuss the view that the law should not seek to impose a particular moral view through the criminalisation of cannabis.

(50 marks)

Question 2

‘When nations send their military forces into other nations` territory, it is rarely (if ever) for "humanitarian" purposes.’

Applying natural law theory, evaluate whether states should engage in humanitarian interventions.

(40 marks)

Question 3

Giving consideration to your TMA feedback and the skills you have improved during your studies of W102, identify which skills you need to improve prior to the exam. How will you work on these skills for the exam?

(10 marks)

Learning outcomes

TMA 05 tests the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • the key concept of morality, which underpins legal thinking
  • present and structure information clearly and accurately using language appropriate for the intended audience
  • correctly reference and/or cite relevant materials
  • reflect, assess and learn from your own studies.
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