Technology in Law Enforcement

Technology in Law Enforcement

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Law enforcement in the United States has experienced radical transformation since its emergence in the mid-1800s. Delving into the law enforcement history provides clues on how law enforcement agencies should provide effective policing. In the earlier period, law enforcement focused on punishing offenders, while disregarding efforts to reform them. Additionally, the history of early law enforcement is marred by use deadly force by law enforcement officers. In the last few decades, various forces have fundamentally changed law enforcement in the U.S. The new face of law enforcement depicts law enforcement agencies that aim at reforming criminals, delivering service to people, and using the least force possible. The evolution of modern technology has had perverse and profound impacts in law enforcement. New technologies are helping law enforcement agencies improve efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. This paper will analyze the operational and administrative issues in law enforcement with a focus on technology.

Operational and Administrative Police Functions

Various technological, structural, social and cultural changes in society have affected the way that police officers routinely perform their job in law enforcement. One of the major changes in society is the interaction between police and media. In the past, newspapers and television were the main channels through which police departments communicated with the public. Police departments would normally hold press conferences when they wanted to get an important message across to the public or when a major incident occurred (Braunstein, 2016). The messages sent via these outlets would reach almost the entire target audience. However, the changing face of the media has made it difficult for police departments to employ traditional methods, which involved primarily leaning on television and newspapers. Currently, a multiplicity of media outlets exist, each appealing to a specific audience and making it difficult for police departments to target specific audience. Currently, multiple media outlets and the advancement of the internet have created additional sources of information (Braunstein, 2016). More young people are getting information from the internet, while the popularity for newspapers is reducing. Social media plays a vital role as a source of information for the youths.

Changing community interactions with the police departments has changed the way police officers routinely do their jobs. In the last decade, community interest in the way police officers do their job has intensified. There is increasing demand for….

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