Technology field

Technology field

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Work on proposals (please write the proposal according to the material)

Read Rhetoric



Once you have chosen your discipline or professional community, you will propose why and how you will go about finding sources to review in order to answer the following questions:

What discipline or profession have you chosen?
Why? What about this discipline or profession excites you?
What is your experience with reading and writing in this discipline or profession?
Who do you know from this discipline or profession that you may interview for more information about its reading and writing demands?
What are the top three journals that serve the discipline or field? How might you learn what these are?
Name some of the things you have already read and/or written about this discipline or profession.
How well prepared are you to do the work of the discipline or profession?
How well prepared are you to meet the reading and writing demands of the discipline or profession?

Sample Paper

My interests in research dates back to2007 when I was an undergraduate intern at the National Museums of Kenya. My roles as an Intern were to learn molecular, microbiology and general laboratory techniques and procedures. After my undergraduate, I got an opportunity with International Institute of Agriculture where I conducted research as part of my graduate study. The research work I conducted at International Institute of Agriculture focused on the food crops yam and banana with the being applied in nature. The last project that I was part of was also my doctoral study and involved developing haploid inducers in wild diploid bananas by modification of centromere specific hitone 3 (CENH3), a protein that specifies centromeric locations. The project was a transfer of technology from a discovery made in the model plant Arabidopsis by the late Professor Simon Chan and his then postdoctoral fellow Ravi Maruthachalam The work on wild diploid bananas was funded by National Science Foundation under the program Basic Research Enabling Agricultural Development (BREAD).

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