Technique Analysis - Assignment

Technique Analysis - Assignment

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Assignment Title: RT2022 Technique Analysis


Assessment Criteria:

The aims of the assessment are to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the radiotherapy treatment technique for EITHER a standard radical prostate, bladder or breast radiotherapy treatment technique including management of treatment-induced side effects.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how the anatomy and oncology of the organ you have chosen from the list above (prostate, bladder, breast) can influence radiotherapy technique.
  • Discuss where the technique described fits into the current evidence base 
  • Demonstrate how this technique is informed by the current evidence base.

Content (85 marks)

Introduction: (5 marks)

  • Outlines aim of assignment
  • Sets context of assignment
  • Length is appropriate to word count

Main Text: (80 marks)

The content of your work should include the following:

  • Brief reference to the anatomy, physiology and oncology of the organ, and the surrounding area, and a discussion on how these may influence the technique used (5 marks).
  • An analysis of the radiotherapy treatment (including on-treatment verification). A `typical` treatment plan (please remember to take appropriate steps to anonymise)  should ideally be included, but will not contribute to the word count (20 marks)
  • The management of any radiotherapy-induced side-effects (10 marks)
  • A discussion of alternative techniques and the evidence based practice in support of the described technique and alternative techniques (40 marks)

You should demonstrate:

  • Knowledge & understanding of the areas stated above
  • Clarity of ideas/arguments and discussion
  • Evidence of integration of theory and practice

Conclusion: (5 marks)

  • Clearly summarises main points discussed in assignment
  • Text is related back to aim(s) of assignment
  • New topics not raised within conclusion.

Presentation (5 marks)

Referencing (10 marks)


You should base the first part of the main text on a standard radiotherapy technique that you know from your clinical sites, and then this must be considered in light of the evidence in peer reviewed journals and up to date text books.


The word limit is 3000 words.


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