Tackling Homelessness

Tackling Homelessness

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In today’s world of high level of capitalism and low concern for socialism, various issues affect the human fraternity despite efforts to cull their existence. One notable issue that heats debates in almost all nations is the social condition of homelessness. Notwithstanding the various definitions that accrue to homelessness in different countries all over the world, an obvious definition would be to refer homelessness as the lack of a basic regular dwelling. Different researchers have offered their thoughts on why consider homelessness a prevalent social condition today. This research will look at its existence, and offer some insight on why providing housing support just as it is noted in various nations will not offer a lasting solution. The outline will also seek to allow the reader to synthesize some of the views that various researchers in the field have recommended in tackling of the problem. Other issues that are noted are the impacts of the condition and why there is need to establish solutions that will tackle a lot more than just housing.

Homelessness cuts across the board depending on the factors that could have led to it rise. The severity of the factors encourages people to live in the situation longer or to find a solution in the short run. Evaluating the impact of homelessness reveals much more than just the homelessness situation itself. In one of the research presented by Karl Marx, he noted that homelessness depicts the heightened level of capitalism and the effect it causes to the social strata. Karl further added that the impacts of homelessness may be severe and in some cases, they may persist leading to other social problems that may require more than just the effort of the government (Frederick 2012: 21). Another review by Council (2014) notes that depending on the conditions that an individual is subjected and the level of the problem, homeless people may opt for drugs or substance abuse, which in the end could lead to other problems that may be physically or mentally harmful (P.13). Further evidence as Parsell and Greg (2011) notes suggest that individuals who may experience the condition for a long time may be unable to get back on their feet, which could have overall effect on the society’s’ ability to handle the homelessness problem (P. 36).

Other impacts that may be experienced are poor health as an individual has low access to basic amenities such as food or healthcare. As Council (2014) claims, statistics also show that individuals who are undergoing through homelessness may opt for criminal activities in their quest to seek the means to survive (P. 15). He also adds that a homeless individual could be characterized by low self-esteem, inability to care for other people since they do not have the means, vulnerability to abuse and violence, and others such as developmental-behavioral problems. In each of the cases, the problems unravel themselves in two notable instances, at a personal level and at health level. There could be a high probability of confusing the two since health occurs to the individuals themselves.

The most notable solution that various support groups and government institutions have been offering to the homeless people is setting up housing support that are aimed at either allowing the homeless people to spend the night for free in temporary centers or to enable them have permanent shelters hence making it possible for them restart their life. Under the temporary centers, the homeless individuals are offered the basic amenities that organizations and the government can have such as food and clothing. In other extreme cases, different humanitarian organizations and governments may opt for other measures through the housing platform by allowing individuals to have public housing while still offering them federal housing vouchers. These vouchers act as subsidies that can allow individual to rent modest housing of their own preference and further allow them to have a choice of the basic needs. Setting up housing projects enables the homeless individuals to have a sense of belonging or identity to a place and giving them time to restructure (Schwartz 2014: 38).

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