Synthesise knowledge on certain mental health spec

Synthesise knowledge on certain mental health specialisms, appraising the evidence base.

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Specialist mental health care


3. Learning Outcomes and Outline Delivery


This module is taught on the basis of the learning outcomes published below. The learning outcomes are statements of what you should have learnt by the time you come to the end of the module.  To successfully complete the module, that is to pass it, you will need to demonstrate that you have met all of the learning outcomes.  The assessment task for the module is designed to help you do that.


Learning Outcomes


On successful completion of this module the student will be expected to be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

1. Synthesise knowledge on certain mental health specialisms, appraising the evidence base.


Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills

4. Propose and analyse an innovative initiative which promotes and enhances the recovery process.

5. Initiate a comprehensive understanding of the concept of inter-professional working in specialised services.


These learning outcomes can be understood in the following ways:   


1.  Learning Outcome 1: Synthesise knowledge and comprehension on various mental health specialist areas, focussing on the evidence base that underpins it. It is important to bring together many different theories and literature in order to discuss at level 7. Combining, contrasting in order to draw together different ideas and develop new ones.

4.    Learning outcome 4: Explore and consider how different processes can enhance recovery from then evidence base e.g. family work to promote staying well

5.   Learning Outcome 5: Demonstrate an understanding of inter-professional relationships in various specialist mental health areas, making sure that clear comprehension is presented.




4. Assessment


A 4000 word essay addressing learning outcome 1, 4 and 5, and contributes 75% to the overall mark:

a.You will need to choose two different specialist areas in mental health, for example anorexia and depression, effective communication from crisis to recovery.

b.You will need to make sure you address the learning outcomes and meet the marking criteria for this level.

  1. This is not a case study nor reflection therefore it should be in the passive voice, you need to make sure you are writing at level 7, the formative assessment will help you with this.

d.You will need to make sure that you present an in depth discussion on your chosen areas, comparing and contrasting and developing critical analysis, presented a comprehensive academic discussion.

e.You are advised to arrange regular tutorials

  1. f.     You need to think carefully about presentation and make sure it follows a logical sequential approach. The essay should have a clear introduction which should tell the reader what will be in the main body, and the conclusion should follow the main body and should clearly summarise it and it should not include any new knowledge.

g.You need to show the depth of your knowledge on the these subject areas to achieve this wide deep reading will be needed and we advise you take critical notes as you read.

h.We also advise that these assessments are prepared well in advance of the hand in dates.

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