Supply Chain Assignment

Supply Chain Assignment

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1.Consider a computer manufacturer’s supply chain

a.What are the major first tier suppliers?

b.Provide examples of three second tier suppliers

c.Provide examples of conflicting objectives in the supply chain

d.What are the risks that rare and unexpected event could pose to this supply chain? Please provide an example.

e.Assume the manufacturer has a plant located in North America to supply to the local market. But it use Asian suppliers. The firm sells its product over the Internet, and use a JIT approach to manage its production line. Given the long distance between the Asia and North America, how can the firm ensure on time delivery of supply and maintain low inventory?

2.Your company is serving North American Market, with six regional warehouse located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Toronto. Customers, usually retailers, receive items directly from only one of the regional warehouse. You are required to lead a team to review and redesign your firm’s logistic network.

a.From which departments you will bring in people to work on this project?

b.Assign responsibility to the each individual that you select.

c.To better serve the customers, you want to determine a strategy to restructure the supply chain, by either reducing the number of regional warehouse, or increasing number of such warehouse. In order to make such a decision, what kinds of quantitative and qualitative information would you need?

d.What are your steps to analyze data given if you obtain the information you want in the question c? specify at which step you want to use what information.

3.Many firms are using push-pull supply chain strategy.

a.Under what circumstance, it is beneficial to move the push-pull boundary early in the supply chain, please provide an example? How about later (also provide an example)?

b.Is it possible for the boundary to change in a product’s life cycle. If possible, what is the example?

c.Suppose that your firm is located at the push-pull boundary in the supply chain. Your firm is using a pull strategy while your supplier is using a push strategy. What are the potential problem you may face when you manage your inventory and transportation? How can you resolve the problem?

4.Considering following supply chains. The market is Canada. For each one, choose between direct shipment, cross-docking, or traditional warehouse strategy. Explains the reasons for your selection. To support the strategy, what kind of transportation means you want to use, and why?

a.Cars made in U.S.

b.Jeans Made in China

c.Vegetable imported from South America

d.Book printed in U.K.

5.You are a CEO of a small auto supply manufacturer in Canada, and export your product to GM’s plant in U.S.. Among the three strategies to manage global risks: speculative, hedge, and flexible strategies, which one you prefer, and why? What if your firm is a large auto supply manufacturer in Canada, you have three major customers: A Chinese local auto manufacturer(only sells their cars in China), Ford’s plant in U.S.(sell their cars in U.S. and Cananda), and Toyota’s plant in Japan (sell their cars to Asia countries)?

6.Read the case “audio duplication service, Inc.” on page 263 of your textbook and answer the questions1-4 on page 264.

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