Strategic Outsourcing

Strategic Outsourcing

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Strategic Outsourcing


1000 words, double-spaced APA style

Must be written by native English speaker

Must be original in content, will be submitted through Safe Assign

Each Journal Article Review must include these sections:

• Title page

• Article caption at top of first page of text (current APA style)

• Statement of the author`s purpose

• Application of supply chain management theory relevant to article

• Background of the issue

• Managerial implications (2–3 paragraphs) (Supply chain managers should....or "advice to Supply chain managers is....."

• Summary

• References (Current APA style)

Included is the journal article.


Student Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date of Submission: Strategic Outsourcing Strategic outsourcing is the process that has been adopted by many companies to get services from service providers other than having in-house departments that carry out these tasks. Companies worldwide have been engaging providers of critical services that they feel it would not be cost-effective to handle them internally. This article by James Quinn and Fredrick Hilmer takes a critical review on the forces that push companies towards outsourcing of the services and how companies can leverage on their competencies available within the organization (Quinn & Hilmer, 1994 p43). The move to strategic outsourcing is necessitated by the need to use all the competencies available in an organization optimally and gain competitive edge in the market. The writers of the article Strategic Outsourcing are concerned with suggesting ways that the management of organizations can uses to ensure that their organizations leverage on the available competencies within the organization while at the same time to get an understanding of which services can be outsourced cost-effe

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