Strategic Management and Marketing

Strategic Management and Marketing

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The maritime industry has seen a number of large scale alliances occur through partnerships.  There is much discussion in the trade journals and articles debating the benefits of consolidation and the long term effects it will have on both the respective organisations and the shape of the industry in general.

The three attached articles will provide you with some background into some proposed alliances but you are encouraged to read more around this subject area within the trade press and previous alliance agreements.


Your task is to identify one of the alliances that is currently being discussed and provide a critical evaluation of the proposal.

Assess the strategic and organisational fits between the organisations.

Assess the internal and external factors that are the key drivers for this strategy.

Provide a critical assessment and review of this strategy and provide a detailed argument for or against this decision.

Identify and analyse the marketing mix implemented by the organisations and how might this help to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace?


You report must support your discussion and conclusion with extensive research.

All strategic models used within your research must be included in your appendices fully completed.


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