Strategic Analysis - Report to Board of Directors

Strategic Analysis - Report to Board of Directors Assignment

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Assignment: 2500 words

Strategic Purpose: 

2.1 Assess the strategic purpose of the organisation in terms of mission, vision and values

2.2 Critically examine the relationship and compatibility between strategic statement and functional objectives of the company


3 External Analysis

3.1 Analyse the broad macro-environment of the company in terms of political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal factors. Discuss threats and opportunities for the company to gain sustainable competitive advantages.

3.2 Utilise Porter`s five forces analysis in order to define the attractiveness of the industry and market of your own choice and to identify potential for change


4 Internal Analysis 

Strategic Capabilities

4.1 Identify what comprise strategic capability in terms of organisational resources and competence and how these relate to strategies of the company. Discuss between basic and unique resources.

4.2 Analyse the business function of the company.


5 Basis of Competitive Strategy

Critical analysis of the generic strategies of the company through the strategy clock. In your answer identify which of the available positions does the company take and briefly analyse the various practices the company adopts to sustain their competitive advantage and meet customer needs.


6 Strategic Choices and Strategic Evaluation

6.1 In the light of the preceding section, examine the key directions for future growth of the company. Using Ansoff Matrix , examine each of the four options given below. Detailing what each choice would possibly entail

New product development 

New market development 


6.2 Choosing one of the option of Ansoff Matrix, assess the level of suitability, acceptability, and feasibility.


7 Conclusion and Recommendations

Conduct an overall summary of strategic issues faced by the selected company and evaluate how the selected company can make the most of their strength

Circumvent weakness 

Capitalize on opportunity 

Manage their threat


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