Statistical analyses planned

Statistical analyses planned

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Key Elements of a Research Proposal

Background / purpose / rationale of the study

Literature review

Hypothesis/key questions 

Research objectives

Research methods

  • Study design
  • Statistical bias
  • Procedures/timeline
    • Specific steps to be taken to complete the study
    • Instruments/data collection methods
    • Outcomes
  • Proposed data analysis plan
    • Statistical analyses planned
    • Power analysis if appropriate
  • Data safety monitoring if appropriate

Study participants

  • Description of participates
  • Recruitment of participates
  • Confidentiality/human subject’s protection/legal-ethical issues (if appropriate)
  • Sampling / rationale
    • Inclusion/exclusion criteria
    • Number of subjects

Statistical Analysis (only if applicable)

Anticipated Results and Potential Pitfalls

Implications for Practice

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