Southwest Airlines in 2014

Southwest Airlines in 2014

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Text Case 25: Southwest Airlines in 2014
Power Point Presentation Case (50 Points)
Please answer each question in order for clarity and credit. Show me what you know!
Southwest Airlines is facing many challenges in 2014. What are these challenges and what can the company do about them?
Watch: YouTube video, entitled: “Tom Peters” Lessons from an Airline”

PLEASE NOTE: Your presentation will be treated as if it were a “Report to Management” of the company that you are analyzing. Assume that your audience consists of other practicing managers.

I. Diagnose the company’s situation. What is the date of this case? Why does this company need your consulting group? What problems/issues need to be addressed?

II. Use SWOT analysis to probe your identified problems/issues (Please include Porter’s Framework ideas in your SWOT analysis.)

III. Provide three strategy alternative packages that would resolve the problems/issues identified. (i.e., Please address Global/Corporate/Business/Functional-All levels of strategy per package), and provide the pros/cons for each alternative package (based on your SWOT analysis findings).

IV. Provide recommended strategy package and implementation plan (Select one best package, based on your critical analysis, above, and develop an implementation plan for it. Please refer to “The 10 Basic Tasks of the Strategy Execution Process” for your ideas.)

V. Evaluation of strategic plan/implementation plan (Define quantitative and qualitative performance measures for ensuring package success, in resolving original problems/issues identified. Please incorporate a “triple bottom line” approach.)

VI. Conclusion (How did your case analysis resolve the original problems/issues in the case? / Give credit to your consulting group).

You are limited to 30 Power Point Slides. Put the name of your case on your first slide, along with your consulting group number, name, and logo. Be sure to identify your group members. Please make your slides easy to read and understand.

Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation before you turn your presentation in. Please see the syllabus for your Power Point presentation due date, response, and feedback to other groups.

It is very important to rely on textbook concepts related to the strategic management process, and to use strategic management terminology in your presentation.

Give credit to all references used at the end of your presentation.

Show what you know about the strategic management process!

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