Why I would rather spend the evening with Bill Moy

Why I would rather spend the evening with Bill Moyers; John Campbell The Power of Myth

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John Campbell’s series The Power of Myth involves a diverse dialogue with an experienced journalist Bill Moyers and is encompassed of many examples from mythology of the world and religion. Campbell was a prolific author of both literature and mythology. In the series, many aspects of mythology are discussed such as its function in the current world, the inward journey, the adventures of a hero as well as love and marriage related stories. According to John Campbell, the power of myth is the ability of using the art of poetry and metaphors to get the attention of the individual people and the society as well. Campbell aims at justifying the importance of myths to people. On the other hand, Bill Moyers is opposed to Campbell’s argument about myths. Campbell believes that America has lost ethics of life and should find its way back through appreciating myths. Moyers differs with Campbell’s argument and consequently states that some myths are backward and cannot be accommodated in the current modern society.

Personally, I prefer Bill Moyers arguments as he constantly disagrees with Campbell mythic arguments. For example, Campbell argues that some myths such as the biblical plot of God are unfounded. Campbell argues that that mythical concept does not conform to this world and belong to some other world. I purely disagree with Campbell and consequently support Moyers who sticks to the mythical appreciation of the God of Christians. Campbell is observed to constantly blaspheme God and I may not feel comfortable spending evening with him.  Campbell embraces the transtheological view of myths and opposes the mythic understanding of existence of an unidentifiable and undefined source of power. He rejects this mythical view since it somehow appreciates existence of God who is most supreme and not understandable by man. Campbell supports his ideological view of myths from other theories such as the theory by Carl Jung about collective unconscious. In this theory….

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