What do you think about Snowden?

What do you think about Snowden?

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Module 4 Discussions and Reflection Coursework Paper


Information Security Maintenance and Ethics &

What do you think about Snowden? 

Do you think he is a hailed hero or a despicable traitor although maybe a naive one? 

Use what we have learned in this module to discuss the professional, ethical, and legal aspects of his behavior, what can we learn from this incident in terms of information security from these three aspects (professional, ethical, and legal)?


Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to your professional discipline.


Module 4 Discussions and Reflection 
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Institutional Affiliation: Module 4 Discussions and Reflection
Edward Snowden’s action of going public with the public surveillance of American citizens by the NSA (National Security Agency) was quite admirable (Dance & MacAskill, 2013). He was able to bring the agency into light, as their actions were not only unconstitutional, but also illegal as there was no oversight ("NSA Spying on Americans Is Illegal", 2017). However, the means in which he publicized this information depicted him as a naС–ve

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