What are the Major Employment law Issues the Compa

What are the Major Employment law Issues the Company Faces

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What are the Major Employment law Issues the Company Faces


Please select a company.
Research Paper Assignment 1: 
1.Research journal articles and other sources. .
2.Submit a list (at least six) of your references for the research paper 
Research Paper Guideline:
Each student will prepare a research paper that studies the laws and regulations that directly influence human resources management functions and decisions of a U.S. corporation. Students are required to select one company and analyze and identify its legal challenges and issues relating to employment relationship or employment discrimination or employment regulation. 
Provide a comprehensive analysis of: 
•What are the major employment law issues the company faces.
•How the company understands the legal environment that impacts HR functions.
•How the company resolves its legal employment issues .
•How the company realizes emerging challenges in the areas of employment law .
•How the company utilizes strategies to create and maintain a healthy business environment 


Employment Law Issues Insert Name: Institutional Affiliation: Due Date: Question 1 McDonald Inc. has been facing employment law issues. For example, the U.S MacDonald restaurants were accused of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act for failing to increase workers’ minimum wage and to pay overtime wages (Clemmitt, 2015). Furthermore, the Brazil-based McDonald restaurants were accused of hiring teenagers to work in their kitchens without protective devices, safety and health violations, employee mistreatment, and denying employees overtime wage pay and the right to join union activities (Greenhouse, 2014) while in Europe, McDonald was accused of tax evasion. Question 2 McDonald defended itself arguing that ever since it started its operations in U.S and other fore

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