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Metropolitan Car Service Bureau


Metropolitan Car Service Bureau needs a system that keeps car service records. The company’s analyst has provided information about the problem domain in the form of notes. Your job is to use those notes to draw the domain model class diagram. The analyst’s notes are as follows:

     The Owner class has the attributes name and address.

         The Vehicle class is an abstract class that has the attributes VIN, model, and model year.

     There are two types of vehicles, cars and trucks:

     Car has additional attributes for the number of doors and luxury level.

     Truck has an additional attribute of cargo capacity.

     The Manufacturer class has the attributes name and location.

     The Dealer class has the attributes name and address.

A service record is an association class between each vehicle and a dealer, with the attributes service date and current mileage. A warranty service record is a special type of service record with an additional attribute: eligibility verification. Each service record is associated with a predefined service type, with the attributes type ID, description, and labor cost. Each

service type is associated with zero or more parts, with the attributes part ID, description, and unit cost. Parts are used with one or more service types.

An owner can own many vehicles, and a vehicle can be owned by many owners. An owner and a vehicle are entered into the system only when an owned vehicle is first serviced by a dealer. Vehicles are serviced many times at various dealers, which service many vehicles.


Sub-Task 1.1 Draw a UML domain model class diagram for the system as described here. Be as specific and accurate as possible, given the information provided. If needed information is not given, make realistic assumptions.

Sub-Task 1.2 Consider that a vehicle goes through many states and state transitions from the perspective of Metropolitan. For example, a new vehicle might be brought in for the first time. A previously serviced vehicle might be brought in. Think through the sequences that go on for a vehicle when it is being worked on by Metropolitan. Draw a state machine diagram showing states and state transitions, including names for the transitions.


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