The Psychological and Behavioral Factors of Terror

The Psychological and Behavioral Factors of Terrorism

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The biggest problem with terrorism policies is that they tend to interpret things from our perceptions and as a result, determining what drives individuals to terrorism has become hard. For many years, psychologists have tried to examine terrorists’ personal characters by looking for clues that may clarify their willingness to participate in violent behaviors. Throughout this course, I have learned the various ways in which the mind of a terrorist works. The different components range from psychological and behavioral factors to the factors in al Qaeda governance and associate groups. In the paper, I have discussed various issues on terrorism such as the psychological and behavioral factors of terrorism, categories of the means of communication and their influence on the advancing terrorist narratives. Moreover, I have identified the psychological and behavioral factors within al Qaeda leadership and affiliate groups, the radicalization models that explain terrorist motivations, and the behavioral and psychological factors associated with disengaging from terrorism.

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