The human nature biblical worldview

The human nature biblical worldview

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God was the one who formed the natural world through His spoken world. This is a belief that is strongly held by Christians since it is expressly explained in the bible. Christians believe that the bible was authored by God through human hands hence comply with its teachings. Romans 1:20 indicates that it’s through creation that God’s heavenly nature and eternal supremacy is witnessed from what He has done and people have no doubt and excuse of denying Him. God has clearly established His nature through creation. It’s through creation that God shows His existence to the sinners and those who do not believe in His name (Moo, 2002, p. 62).

Human Identity

            Our knowledge of Christ and the knowledge of our human nature is the guidance to our identity. Gen. 1:27 indicates that we are made in the image of God and we are connected to our Father spiritually through His holy son Jesus Christ, (Romans 7:25) once again we find our belonging as a people of God through our fellowship with Christ. We sometimes observe ourselves as unrighteous (Romans 3:10) and we fail to seek the Lord (Romans 3:11). This brings out our dissatisfaction with ourselves and therefore we need intervention of Jesus to sanctify us (Romans 8:30). We therefore need Jesus Christ to live a fulfilling life (Moo, 2002, p. 69).

Human Relationships

             According to Moo (2002, p. 189), relationships of human beings are so perplexing and are normally the most difficult part to understand in life. Human beings are constant sinners and usually find themselves…”

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