Success Networking Team (SNT): Action Plan Assignm

Success Networking Team (SNT): Action Plan Assignment

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Success Networking Team (SNT): Action Plan Assignment


Please view guide I have attached and watch the video. When your team is gathered for your first SNT meeting, watch video guide together. While viewing, be sure to pause the video and participate as directed in the guide. You will need a few people to complete this. A few things about me to include.


Success Networking Team (SNT) Name Affiliation/Institution Date Success Networking Team (SNT)s Goals/Desired Outcomes a) Develop the habit of reading books. I want to draw up the habit of reading two books every month. Ideas/Suggestions from team members - Ensure that I have set times. For example, set three times a day that I will read a book for 15 minutes. - Always look for a quiet place where I can read a book. Action Plan - I will set a reading hour every day and make sure that I make a list of the books that I plan on reading. b) I want to live a healthy

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