Stadium Facility Sports Management Coursework Pape

Stadium Facility Sports Management Coursework Paper

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Stadium Facility Sports Management Coursework Paper


Student will complete a semester long project of designing and constructing a stadium. Using the information from class concerning the historical evolution of facilities, contemporary facilities, stadium/arena technology, finance, construction, etc., each student will put together a comprehensive stadium plan to turn in as well as present virtually to the class
Stadium Design Project Paper (30 points)
For the paper, you must select either a team or city (or both) to design and build a new facility (Stadium or arena). Information should include, but is not limited to:
• Team of choice
• City of choice
• Exact location
• Architectural features
• Potential outside events
• Potential sponsors
• Naming rights
• Financing of stadium
• Approximate cost of construction and maintenance
• Pictures or diagrams of facility
• Pictures or diagrams of location
Sports : Soccer 
Stadium : Emmanuel "Manno" Sanon
City :Miami, Florida- Downtown Miami


Stadium Design Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction Throughout social history, there has not been an aspect that has had massive impacts on the culture like sports. The impact that sports have had in the human history are immense and speak to the subtle elements that working as team brings about (Alexander, 2016). Ideally, it is not just the teams in the field that are working together (Alexander, 2016). Like most organized activities, sports are associated with team members, sponsors, experts in the various fields of profession such as doctors, architects, managers, financial analysts, social workers, legal experts, business analysts, operational strategists and the fans among so many others. There is always an entire ecosystem of professionals around any given sport. What is important though is the impact such sports have on the society. The American society has had a history in sports, and the impact of the same has been quite significant on the American culture. One sport in particular though, soccer, has not had massive impact on the culture and it would be crucial to create the elemental background for the same. Designing and building a soccer stadium in Miami, Florida Downtown, is going to be a crucial step towards making soccer a popular sport. The choice of the sport While the significance of soccer can be taken to be a simple matter of choice and preference, there are some very elemental aspects of the sport that make it a great sport to invest i...

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