SLO 2 Assignment: Multiple Sources Of Value In A W

SLO 2 Assignment: Multiple Sources Of Value In A Writing Sample

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SLO 2 Assignment: Multiple Sources Of Value In A Writing Sample


Please answer all questions in handout. I do not have a sample, so if cannot complete this without using a sample of your own, do not take on this assignment, because I do not have one.


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Why are multiple sources of value in a writing sample? How do you vet a source prior to utilizing it to support the purpose of a document?

Writing is usually an important process in expressing the mastery and understanding of a given concept. It is the display of what one has understood, through writing. As one writes, there is the need for utilizing external sources. The aim of external sources is to ensure that the content of what is being written is as scholarly as possible. This simply means that the content needs to be up to date and therefore, the external sources play an important role. However, using external sources isn’t just the only requirement. To make the piece of writing more credible and well researched, there is the need for utilization of multiple sources. Multiple sources usually act as backup.

The use of multiple sources gives the piece of writing and the writer, more alternatives and more avenues of finding information. When information is retrieved from multiple sources, not only does it build up enough evidence about the topic under discussion, but also forearms the writer with enough information to build a more credible piece of writing. Multiple sources provide the confidence too, of writing the document.

In order to vet a source before using it as a source,

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