Self-Evaluation and Termination and Progress of th

Self-Evaluation and Termination and Progress of the Client

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Self-Evaluation and Termination and Progress of the Client


two sources other than book. answer 27 questions for chapter 14 and 15 together that is home work. Journal set 3 # 7 is five questions to answer and they are 1.emerging strength based practice 2. critical thinking 3 professional identity 4 is transfer of learning and 5 is systems perspective. also one page paper weekly theme is termination and evaluation of client progress. there are two pages of instructions please read them I can not have errs. I have given you examples as well of work you have done for me in the past. 

This is basically 2 papers: paper 1 - homework (chapter 14,15 - 27 questions) and paper 2 is journal set 3 #7 (chapter 10) - 5 questions: all is attached.


Self-Evaluation and Termination and Progress of the Client Insert Name: Institutional Affiliation: Due Date: SEMINAR II JOURNAL FORMAT I Emerging Strengths-Based Practice I administered therapeutic program to help the client to address her problems and to reach the ending stage of our therapeutic relationship. The client has been suffering from chronic depression. As a social worker intern, I have been assisting the client since I started addressing her issues. She had completed the treatment program, and now I believe that Diane (the client) can end the program. I remain committed to ensure that the ending is done for our benefit. I will give her my contacts so that in case there is any issue or she wants to see me, she can call me. I will take the next one month to prepare her termination as it indicated in my treatment plan. What is required here is to focus on interaction and communication with client and facilitate positive change happen to her. II Emerging Critical Thinking Skills After interacting with the client for few days ago, I still realize that depression still affects her. As I prepare her to terminate the therapeutic treatment program, I see that the client is unwilling to leave the program. I realize that the client is still experiencing certain issues that still disturb her. Therefore, my recommendation here is that I will let the client continues receiving treatment until her issues are solved effectively (Anonymous author). I will also wor...

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