Russell University has recently become involved in

Russell University has recently become involved in a number of employment disputes.

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Russell University has recently become involved in a number of employment disputes.

Eager to accept all students who applied to Russell University, the University has found that it has recruited more students than it can cope with.  All of the staff at the University have been required to do compulsory overtime to ensure that the students get the required academic and administrative support.  This is provided for in the University’s contracts of employment.  However, the trade union’s health and safety representative has told the Vice Chancellor of the University that if staff are required to work at this capacity for much longer employees will start to collapse.  The Vice Chancellor was advised to close the University for a couple of days to give the staff a complete rest.  Thinking of £9,250 fees paid by the students, the Vice Chancellor decided to ignore the advice.  Atika, a hard working Law Lecturer, collapsed with exhaustion.  Her doctor considers that she is suffering from a nervous breakdown, brought on by overwork.

Bushra is a Law Professor.  Her specialist research area is Roman Law and she is considered to be one of the leading academic experts in this field.  The Vice Chancellor has told Bushra that she has to find a new area of research that is more relevant to modern society and to apply for research grants.  Bushra does not want to do this but has been made clear to her that if she does not cooperate she will find herself doing so much teaching she will not be able to do any research at all.

The Director of Human Resource is rather worried about a reference that has been written about Calum, a lecturer in the Law Department.  Calum had applied for a job at Red Brick University but he has been informed by Red Brick University that based on the reference from his Head of Department he will not be offered a job.  Calum and the Head of Department have never got on but Calum is generally regarded as one of the University’s rising academic stars.  Calum is not happy.


Advise Russell University as to any claims that Atika, Bushra and Calum might have against the University in connection to breach of contract claims.

Word limit – 2,500 words (You must indicate the total number of words in your essay)

You are reminded that a penalty is imposed for essays that exceed the word limit.  A full statement on the rules surrounding essays which exceed the word limit can be found on pp7- 8.

A student should achieve the following learning outcomes on completion of this coursework:

1     Understand and apply the general principles of Employment Law.

2     Demonstrate a critical awareness of the contextual aspects of Employment Law.

3     Demonstrate a capacity for analytical and deductive reasoning, particularly through the mechanism of legal problem solving.

4     Demonstrate an ability to present competent and coherent written arguments.

5     Demonstrate an ability to handle primary source material, both case law and legislation.

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