Research the Idea of Substance & Lockes Theory of

Research the Idea of Substance & Lockes Theory of Substance

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Locke’s treatment on the ideology of substance in his Essay on Human Understanding drew mixed reactions from several contemporaries. First and foremost, in consideration of the levels of generality, theories are used in explaining different elements in life. Thus, they are meant to provide some systematic and illuminating descriptions of a set of phenomena which are expected to advance human understanding of these elements taken either singly or collectively (Ayers, 2011). Given that phenomena that a theory of substance seeks to encompass, then the probability remains that a long approach has been taken in specifying the kind of theory that must be defined. Locke’s Theory of Substance Locke conception of substance in substratum has two relative widespread interpretations. According to one, the element of substance is considered as a bearer of properties and a pure subject that has no properties. On the other hand, Locke alleges that substance is a real essence: an underlying structure which remains responsible for particular observable properties and recurrent clusters (Brubaker, 2012)

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