Research and Describe How to Fight Ticketing by Ra

Research and Describe How to Fight Ticketing by Radar?

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Research and Describe How to Fight Ticketing by Radar?


Quick question? Can you write a random paper on the challenges of radar sensors in CHP cars and "reference points?" I want to challenge an argument about a CHP officer driving the opposite way and then stopping my friend. Although the weather conditions were semi-good, he was coming from a small incline while my friend was driving down the incline. He said I used a reference point then I turned on my radar? Although his car was possibly 100 yards and the radar only goes 11 degrees while fanning I think he was wrong to have made that declaration. Also he didn`t give me chance to ask him if he was certified to use the radar and if it was calibrated. When we were stopped I asked him "how did you determine the speed/" because the speed was set at 80 miles (I didn`t tell him that). He replied"I used reference points and the turned on my radar." There wasn`t any trees or post to reference to speed also he was coming from an incline.


How to Fight Ticketing Name Institution How to Fight Ticketing The Californian police issue a large section of speeding tickets through the use of radar. This has made many people to question whether they can fight speeding tickets that have been issued through the use of radar (Escort Radar, 2016). This was the case when we were recently issued with a ticket on the assumption that we were speeding. The involved officer said that he determined the speed through the use of reference points then turned on his radar. One of the things that made me think t

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