Reflection Précis; Contemporary Realities and Out

Reflection Précis; Contemporary Realities and Outlook of Racist America

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Reflection Précis; Contemporary Realities and Outlook of Racist America

Part 1- Summary

As per the assigned reading, Feagin, reviews the anti- black attitudes that people display in today’s world. He notes that these attitudes follow stereotypes that accrue to the black community and the white community. Feagin notes that the white community is considered as the elite; a positive impression that most people in the society tend to use. On the other hand, he notes that the black communities such as the black American are framed in negative terms such as lazy, immoral, and are thought to be the cause of other negativities in the world (P.103). The book highlights that the majority of the white from the history have been openly as well unapologetically being racist. In offering an example, the books offers a case of the 1930 National Opinion Survey where the white community strongly supported overtly racism in addition to having segregation views (P.104). The research noted that the whites were given priority in the working places in a way that disassociated harmonization of all the races thus enhancing societal discrimination. The book also notes that typical surveys at the time showed the brief findings that indicate a decrease in anti – black prejudices, images and stereotypes amongst the white since 1930 due to social acceptability (P.105). Notwithstanding this view, the book notes that some of the contemporary researchers demonstrate strong persistence of the white racist concerning non-white American through their behavior and thoughts. The book notes some of the platforms that display the societal view of whites on blacks. Feagin claims this is depicted in popular arts, movies, ads, televisions and postcards in form of negative stereotypes on topics such as immorality (P. 120). A good example is the “mammy,” dolls and figurines of the black female and male who are shown to have exaggerated bodily physique. In an interesting twist, the book also notes that in as far as there is a greater majority of the white who cheer black athletes in the teams they favor, their racism hatred is curtailed by the interest in the game and sometimes they may admit they are do not hate the black people (P. 109). In an article by Chris titled the science of why cops shoot black kids, he notes the same view claiming that the outward aggression on hatred for the black community is not really the intention of white community since they have animals that have black color and still adore them. The aggression arises from personal interests, goals and the competition between people.

Part 2- Personal Reaction

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