Reflection Journal: Framework of Operation Managem

Reflection Journal: Framework of Operation Management

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Reflection Journal: Framework of Operation Management


write a reflection paper on their learnings in the class-----operation management. The reflection papershould present the key learning’s you derive from the lectures, simulations, the Boeing tour(boeing tour notes will be attached) and reading the book Joe’s Garage. my project is observation of operation management, the doc is also attached. please used the info provided with you knowlege. double-spaced Times 12 font with 1-inch margins (excluding exhibits). Since it is a reflection, I will expect your synthesis of the material. Mere reporting of facts would not fetch good scores.


Operation Management Name Institution of Affiliation Date Operation Management An operation is a process of combining a diversity of resources and transforming them into a value-added product. Henceforth, it is the organizational sector that is concerned with the conversion of a range of inputs to desired outputs. Some enterprises such as hotels, bakery and breweries produce physical goods while others, for example, hospitals and schools offer services. Operation management is the set interconnected strategies, which are utilized in production and service management. With the current rise in competition, many companies are in verge to produce better quality products at a low price. Hence, an emphasis is put on operation management segment. Thus, more effort and funds are reinforced in production for one to be on the better side of competition. However, still the area is a challenge to many establishments. This is partly due to the rapid changing technology. To cap this trend study on operation management is encouraged. Hence, this paper focuses on operation management. The case study of Daddy’s Donut and Bake Shop and the Boeing are used as a vehicle to the study. Framework of Operation Management Strategies employed in managing operations include planning, organizing, organizing, controlling, behavior and models. The approaches are utilized in influencing human activity towards achieving organizational goals. Thus, the success of a ...

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