•Recalculate the mean, standard deviation, and v

•Recalculate the mean, standard deviation, and variance.

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Case 4 SLP Sampling


Math 201 Basics Statistics   SLP 4


In this assignment, you will continue to collect data for another 5–10 days. Write a paper (1–3 pages) including all of the following content:


•Recalculate the mean, standard deviation, and variance.

•Is your mean increasing or decreasing?

•Explain the effects of the larger sample size in relation to your data.

•Do you think the current sample you have is enough to draw an accurate conclusion, or do you need a larger sample?

•What conclusions can you draw from comparing both sets of data?


Submit your paper at the end of Module 4.


SLP Assignment Expectations

Answer all questions posted in the instructions. Use information from the modular background readings and videos as well as any good-quality resource you can find. Cite all sources in APA style and include a reference list at the end of your paper.


Case 4 SLP SAMPLING Name Course: Math 201 Basic Statistics Instructor: Date: Recalculated mean, standard deviation, and variance [15 observations] Day Time x-x̅ (x-x̅)^2 1 35 -2.4 5.76 2 38 0.6 0.3634911.6134.56432-5.429.165402.66.76637-0.40.167380.60.36834-3.411.569457.657.761031-6.440.9611402.66.7612380.60.361336-1.41.961435-2.45.761533-4.419.36Sum561321.6Mean37.4Population variance 4.63Population standard deviation , σ 21.44 Sample variance 22.97 Sample standard deviation, s 4.79 Data statistics for the last 5 observations Population variance 5.84 Population standard deviation , σ 2.42 Sample variance 7.3 Sample standard deviation, s2.7 The sample standard d

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