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The company is working on an online system to manage its growing business. The company askedyou to help design the user interface.

Q1. Design a data entry screen for entering new members.


Q2. Suggest at least three data validation rules that might help reduce input errors for the video rental system.


Q3. Design a screen for managers, with weekly and monthly data on rentals, new customers, late charges, and anything else you think a store manager might want to review. Be sure to include numeric activity and dollar totals.


Task 2

Read Capstone Case: New Century Wellness group as given below and on page 340 in the textbook and answer tasks 1,3 and 4 listed as Q1,2,3 below


Based on your presentation to New Century’s partners, they decided to move forward with in-house development of a new business support system. They liked the idea of a vertical software package, but they want to be able to customize the user interface because New Century’s business functions are more varied. However, it is very important that the new system allow future integration with vertical packages such as electronic health records, computerized provider order entry, and a clinical decision support system. Using the information you gained in the systems planning and analysis phases of the SDLC, you sit down to begin designing the user interface of the New Century’s business support system. Before you begin, you decide to review the case studies, and diagrams you prepared in previous workshops for this case.

Q1. Using the guidelines and suggestions in lecture 7, design a user interface(s). Draw storyboards, then use another form-designing application such as to create the screens.


Q2.  What control features will you use in the input screens to aid in data entry? Give a specific example of how you will use at least eight different control features in the design of the user interface.


Q3. In addition to printed reports, what other output technologies could be used by New Century?

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