Nowadays, retailers make a commitment to support e

Nowadays, retailers make a commitment to support ethical retailing and sustainable supply but faces with many challenges to offer sustainable products and services

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT         (25%)             


The word count:                             1000 (±%10)

Submission Date:                           10.04.2017

Nowadays, retailers make a commitment to support ethical retailing and sustainable supply but faces with many challenges to offer sustainable products and services.

In this assignment, you should provide a critical reflection on the effort of your selected retail company for the CW1 regarding their ethical and sustainability performance. To do this, you will need to choose ONE of the ‘Triple Bottom Lines’, which are:

  • Social sustainability: child labour, poverty and disease, fair payments, CSR practice;
  • Environmental Sustainability: CO2, global warming, pollution, disposal of waste, etc.; or
  • Economical sustainability: sustainable growth, cost saving, CSR for cultural and societal development.

Essay Planning Guidelines:

Paragraph 1 – Introduction

Your first paragraph should:

  • Be a general introduction.  Do not include specific points from the main body of the argument
  • Include a response to the title. You may need to identify the issues that lie behind the title, to give historical or topical background
  • be interesting and relevant

Paragraph 2 – Background

Provide some history of the topic you are writing about.

Paragraph 3 – Your argument (at least 6/7 reasons, thus 6/7 paragraphs)

These paragraphs must:

  • Contain one major point of the argument, stating your reason for agreeing/disagreeing with question posed.
  • Begin with or have near its start a topic (or “signpost”) sentence (a sentence, which indicates what the paragraph will be about and how it relates to the essay title). This is NOT a sub-heading!  Your writing should be a formal continuous prose.
  • Be linked to the paragraph that comes before, often with a suitable conjunction or link words such as in addition, nevertheless, despite this, however. Do not put also or for example at the start of a sentence.
  • Contain generalised evidence of your research (e.g. statistics/expert opinion).

2nd Last Paragraph – Counter argument (1 paragraph)

  • Open with “Contrary to this…” “In contrast there are those who...” “On the other hand…”
  • List the opposing side’s reasons but do not change your opinion.  Use phrases like:  some people claim…  There are those who say…


A good conclusion MAY:

  • return to something mentioned in the first paragraph
  • evaluate what has gone before
  • hint at something you might have followed up had the scope of the question allowed it
  • Give your opinion. A discursive essay should feel as if you have weighed up the arguments and come to a conclusion at the end.

A poor conclusion will simply restate or summarise points made earlier or be a few sentences stuck on at the end.

In addition, in terms of “structure and layout”, please make sure that you will follow the below criteria:

  • Logical sequence (introduction main body, and conclusion)
  • Clarity of structure, appropriateness of structure
  • Clarity of objectives (thesis statement)
  • Clarity of expression
  • Clear line of argument-debate
  • Paragraphs linked together and not fragmented
  • Written in third person
  • Double spacing
  • 12 point font of Times News Roman or Times
  • Accurate and complete Harvard Referencing Style
  • Spelling and Grammar Checks
  • Inclusion of a source citations and full reference list
  • Adherence to word count 


All coursework on this module will be submitted via Blackboard onlyIt will automatically be scanned through a text matching system (designed to check for possible plagiarism).
DO NOT attach a CA1 form or any other form of cover sheet;
YOU MUST include your name and student ID on the first page of your assignment.
To submit your assignment:
Log on to Blackboard at;
Go to the relevant module Blackboard site;
Click on theSubmit Courseworklink in the navigation menu on the left-hand side, as advised by the module teaching team;
Click on the link for the relevant assignment;
Follow the instructions.

Finance holds.

If on the due date you have a finance hold on your student account, you may not be able to access Blackboard to be able to submit electronically. If this is the case, you may be able to submit a paper copy to the Registry. Assignments submitted this way will ONLY be accepted if it is clear that you have a finance hold on the due date. The penalties for late submission will still apply.

You will be given details by the module teaching team about how and when you will receive your marks and feedback on your work.

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