MedWatch Coursework: How It Fits Within the FDA Mi

MedWatch Coursework: How It Fits Within the FDA Mission

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MedWatch Coursework: How It Fits Within the FDA Mission


BBS Assignment #2

Module 5 contains information about the FDA’s post approval surveillance efforts. This assignment gives you a chance to explore these issues in more detail.


Step One:            Go to the FDA Post-Marketing Surveillance website:

Step Two:            Pick one of the programs (FAERS, MedWatch, Marketing and Advertising, etc.), learn more about the program by clicking on its link on the webpage.

Then, describe the purpose of the program,  the requirements of the program, and how it fits within the FDA mission of keeping drugs and devices safe and effective.

Step Three:        Pick some information that was provided to the FDA under the program you chose.

Explain the information that was provided and what action, if any, the agency took, and what you think about the information that was provided  and the agency’s response to that information.

Step Four:          Go to the Drug Safety Communications page:

See if there any communications based on the information you found in Step Three. If so, describe what the communications are and if you think the communications were sufficient to warn Doctors and Patients about the issue.

If there is not one related to the information you found in Step Three, just pick a communication and answer the same questions (what are the communications you picked, are they sufficient, etc.     


MedWatch Name Institutional affiliation MedWatch Purpose of The Program MedWatch is a program that offers the public and health professionals to voluntarily provide information on severe reactions and issues with medical products such as drugs and medical tools. MedWatch works on improving patient care by ensuring that critical safety information is passed on to the doctors on time. The Requirements of The Program The information collected through MedWatch is preserved in the Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) database. Companies that manufacture prescription drugs are legally obliged to provide information on adverse events to the FDA. Also, they are required to file information concerning errors and accidents involved in the making of the products or provide reports on drug quality. The i

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