Media, Communications and International Journalism

Media, Communications and International Journalism

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Foster and guide the skills of independent research.

Further develop students` practical skills in news production, including writing skills, research techniques, sourcing and referencing experts.

Enable students to identify topics that are newsworthy and make a contribution to knowledge in their chosen area of current affairs whilst also being viable within the constraints of time and length.

Explore the commercial and market pressures within which modern journalists produce output, and the way in which these affect editorial decision-making.

 Select and apply practical journalism skills demonstrating evidence based knowledge of engaging audiences and market pressures.

Identify and critically evaluate the viability and practicality of topics for investigative reporting.

Research, script and produce short broadcast news reports to a professional standard.

Research and write short journalistic articles to a professional standard. 

Identify and evaluate the production processes journalists are subject to in their daily work.

Evaluate and apply a range of journalism research techniques.

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