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The leader is the person who can bring the qualitative level of performance in the organization. The right leadership styles can help the company in gaining the perfect success for their sustainable growth and development of the company. The company hires the leader so that they can help in getting the edge over the competition and increase the level of growth and production in their company. The leader is the one who takes care of the quality in the organization that how they production and manufacturing department delivering the supply of goods and services. The quality of the goods will decide the future sales and profit of the organization .

The leader should be aware of the facts that the steps are taking will lead to the growth of the organization in every percept. If the leader is performing the non-ethical practices in the organization than the development of the company will go in the opposite direction and risk of losses will increase with the high percentage. The Volkswagen is the one of the famous brand for the automobile industry as it delivers the best quality cars all over the world. In the year of 2015 in the USA when they were going against the policies of the USA environmental protection agency that the diesel engines were polluting the environment because they were doing fraud with the USA policies.

Research Aim:

The issue of the case is the “various quality and leadership issues confronted by the Volkswagen which leads towards downfall in the overall sales of the management”.


The main objectives of this report are:

  • To find the fault in the leadership by the management.
  • To find the faulty scenario in the USA.

Literature Review:

  • This review is from the literature “Why Total Quality Management Programs Do Not Persist: the Role of Management Quality and Implications for Leading a TQM Transformation” by the author Michael Beer. From this research, it has been found that Total quality management was not able to implement in the organization successfully because of the gaps which they were not able to concentrate and again the company stuck at the same point. The gaps were that the organization was not fully honest with their stakeholders and that was the reason for their failure. The honest approach can lead to the better application of quality management .
  • This literature review is from the journal “Quality Management in Systems Development: An Organizational System Perspective” by the authors Ravichandran and Arun Rai. The find from this literature review is that the leadership of the top management can help the infrastructure of the organization .

Research methodology:

Data collection

The data for this research has been collected from the secondary sources.

Data interpretation and analysis:

Data interpretation is the format in which the data is analyzed that what is the end result of the report and is the impact of the result on the research. The case of Volkswagen reflects that the company was focusing on the profits of the company and they were ignoring all the factors which make suffer from a huge penalty against the case.  The Volkswagen should have to concentrate on the ethical practices of the company. The profit should be the second priority for the company when they are delivering their services at the international level.

The result of this case is that the company was fined with a heavy penalty and their automobile business came under restrictions in the USA. One wrong decision by the leaders leads the company towards loses and the trust of the customers also get vanished. The Volkswagen should have to be more focused on the future strategies which they will launch in the market .

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