Leaders in Healthcare Organizations

Leaders in Healthcare Organizations

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  • Identify five leaders from the lists given in Appendix A.


    • Select one leader’s name from List 7.


    • Provide the reason for selecting this leader.




    • Select one leader’s name from List 4.



    • Provide the reason for selecting this leader.




    • Select the remaining three leaders from Lists 1, 2, 3, 5, or 6. Ensure you select only one name from a list.




    • Provide the reason for selecting this leader.
  • What were the characteristics of your chosen leaders?


  • What were the factors that contributed to each individual rising to the role of leader?


  • What was each selected leader’s leadership style? Support your position with credible references with respect to the style, and include an accurate biography and depiction of historical events.



  • Did the leaders’ leadership style shifted or evolved with time or the acquisition of power? Why?


  • What tools did the leaders utilized to promote their influence and vision?


  • What were each leader’s contingency and situational leadership capabilities? Explain and support with examples where he or she demonstrated those leadership capabilities.


  • What was the power base of the selected leaders? What characteristics or traits allowed each individual to assume the position of leadership power?


  • What role did the leaders assumed in resolving conflict? What was each leader’s apparent conflict resolution style?


  • What was each leader’s iconic situation that gained him or her recognition as a leader?


  • Did the environment and time lend to each leader’s rise or recognition? Why?


  • Reflecting on leadership theory and style, would you consider certain traits and characteristics to be timeless? Why or why not?


  • Why did others adopt or invest in them as individuals and leaders?
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