Issue Of Ducumentation Coursework Writing Assignme

Issue Of Ducumentation Coursework Writing Assignment

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Issue Of Ducumentation Coursework Writing Assignment


Assignment #1 - Documenting in APA Style

Each student will focus on the issue of documentation and will select all of the following sources: (a) a book; (b) a magazine article; (c) a scholarly peer review article; (d) a newspaper article;(e) an e-mail; and (f) a verse from the Bible; and, then write a citation and reference citation for the sources selected.

The student shall prepare the assignment as a word-product (WP) using MS Word®.


Issues in Documentation

Student`s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Issues in Documentation

1 Book


* Name of the author(s) (last name, initials).

* Publication year.

* Title of the book (should be in italics and only the first word of the title, subtitle and proper nouns should be capitalized).

* Edition (except first editions).

* Place of publication.

* Publisher.

One Author

In-text Citation

According to Tollefson (

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