Implementation Plan for Medication Noncompliance a

Implementation Plan for Medication Noncompliance and Hospitalization Among Schizophrenic Patient

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Implementation Plan for Medication Noncompliance and Hospitalization Among Schizophrenic Patient


This assignment requires each student to provide an overview of the implementation plan for his/her project and how the project fits into the healthcare system. An illustration, diagram, or map of the system should be attached to the post. It should depict inputs, throughputs, outputs, feedback loops, and sustainability mechanisms within the system. It should identify stakeholders and assessment points. The attachment should incorporate principles of systems organization described in the textbook and readings in Weeks 1and 2 this course, as well as feedback from instructors and peers in DNPU 703. The initial post should be 300 to 400 words long. The post should be written using the professional style described in the APA manual (6th ed.).

Each discussion board lasts one week. Each student is expected to craft an initial post in a new thread that refers to relevant course readings and draws from at least one additional external reference. Discussion board posts may incorporate personal experiences in addition to course content.

Initial post is due on Wednesday.  Respond to 2 colleagues` posts by Friday and respond to colleagues who comment on your initial post by Sunday.  Of course, feel free to have longer and more involved discussions. Total minimal post over a discussion board for each student is five posts. All discussion board responses should be substantial, and further the scholarly conversation. For example, responding to a classmate with, “Great post.  I totally agree,” would not qualify and substantial, and would not receive credit.


Implementation plan for medication noncompliance and hospitalization among schizophrenic patient Institution Date Introduction Schizophrenia is a condition that affects around 7 per thousand of the world population according to world health organization (2014). While causes of schizophrenia have never been found, treatment has over the time relied on eliminating symptoms and amplifying the psychosocial effect. The use of medication is important in controlling the symptoms and reducing the risk of relapse by the patient (Gray & Robson, 2007; Cowen, 2012). Lasebikan and Ayinde (2013) states that noncompliance to medication leads to decline which piles pressure on the caregivers thus making them susceptible to developing mental illness. With dwindling hospital bed, schizophrenic

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