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Nowadays Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) has become an interesting term for companies in competitive markets. In this study, we consider the CRM as a strategy and try to understand: (1) What is CRM and especially in the context of transactional marketing, (2) How CRM creates marketing outcomes to deliver business objectives, (3) How to evaluate performance of CRM that related to activities of the companies. Finally, based on these studies we analysis activities of Apple & Samsung in mobile device field which present for 2 strategies are: CRM and transaction and different outcomes are created.

Key words: customer relationship marketing, customer loyalty

II.              Introduction:

1.     Definition of CRM:

According to Bateson (1995) relationship marketing is the union of customer services, quality and marketing. It emphasizes the importance of customer retention, establishing long-term relationships with customers, customer services, deliver commitment to the customers, increase levels of customer contact, and a concern for quality that transcends departmental boundaries and is the responsibility of everyone throughout the organization.

In short, CRM is about retaining customers by creating, maintaining and enhancing relationships with customers or the core of this strategy is customer-orientation.

The main objective of CRM is to get to know the customer as well as possible so as to help a company delivery better, more appropriate and higher added value to the customer. A strong relationship with customers is the key to their satisfaction, especially if this connection is established by recognizing customers’ needs. Moreover, CRM strategy is an integrated marketing approach with a very clear objective is customer loyalty so…

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