Identifying Relevant Theories and Models

Identifying Relevant Theories and Models

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Identifying Relevant Theories and Models


To complete this assignment, use the required APA "Identifying Relevant Theories and Models Template," linked in the Resources. Address the following sections:

•Theory Identification: ◾Review three theories that you feel might be appropriate for addressing the client`s sexual problem. Include a section on how neuroscience has facilitated our understanding of the client`s problem.

◾Pick the theory you believe best represents the client`s situation, and provide a rationale for your selection.

◾In addition, describe a systems perspective that provides an understanding of family and other systems theories and major models of family and related interventions as it pertains to human sexuality


Identifying Relevant Theories and Models Name Institution Identifying Relevant Theories and Models Introduction Issues related to sexual activities are topics that have gained prominence over the years. Human sexual practice or behavior refers to the manner in which individuals experience, as well as express their sexuality. Sexual activity may also involve behaviors that are aimed at arousing sexual interest of another person or even enhance one’s sex life. In dealing with activities of sexual behavior between individuals, sexual problems such as adultery, lack of interest in sex, and jealousy among others may occur. Various theories can be used to understand sexual behavior and provide a guideline on how to deal with such sexual problems (Carroll, 2015). Summary of the Problem Anthony is a 37-year-old man who has been married to Rikki a 34-year-old female for the past 14 years. They have two children, a girl who is 8 years and a 6-year-old boy. Recently, Anthony found emails between his wife and another male that indicated that they were having a sexual affair. This has made Anthony have anxiety and is using alcohol to deal with stress. He constantly experiences headaches, stomach pains, constant crying, poor concentration, and lingering nightmares of his wife having sex with this other man. He has sought intervention from the Church and currently he is looking to find help outside his religious background to deal with the problem of infidelity in h...

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